Found us on your bank or credit card statement, and did not recognize it?

Is Digibyte Media mentioned on your bank or credit card statement?

If you have bought a virtual product, such as a credit bundle, on one of the entertainment platforms affiliated with us, you might see our name in your statements. 

The reason for that is that we process payments for multiple online entertainment platforms in several niches. 

We provide a service (see here) where our company's name can be used as an unrecognizable name when purchasing digital credits on various websites.

Some of our platforms


What's The Advantage For You?

Not seeing the name of an entertainment platform on statements is a big plus for you as an individual customer. 

It keeps your transactions discrete and allows you to keep it under the radar when purchasing digital credits.

Many customers prefer not to have it clearly visible on their bank statement where they made their credit purchases. By having our company's name on statements, your privacy is guaranteed.

Don't Recognize The Payment, And Want More Information?

You can easily contact us to get more information about your order. We can find out on which website the purchase has been made.

The more information we receive, the better we can help you. Please mention all info you can, such as the order number, payment date, amount and the payment method.

Please contact us through our support form.